IPv6.com is a web portal devoted to providing information, consultation and hardware for the IPv6 Internet Community. With custom articles specifically related to IPv6 and any technology that intersects it, we hope to educate the public on many of the benefits that we believe IPv6 can offer.

IPv6 Blog

IPv6 blogFor the past few years, we’ve watched the networking industry closely for the right time to launch our website. With the impending IPv4 address pool depletion and the various warnings from world renowned organizations, 2009 was no doubt a pivotal year for this technical challenge.

IPv6 Resource Directory

ipv6 resource directory
Keeping up to date news articles on IPv6 and the worldwide deployment, we believe that we can help fuel discussions that will lead to many new applications that can benefit from this upgrade.

Beginner’s Guide to IPv6

ipv6 for beginnersWe also believe that IPv6 will continue to energize the minds that will develop the next generation of internet technologies. We are always open to suggestions on how we can better serve the networking industry specifically related to IPv6 and its deployment. Check out this beginner’s guide.