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New Tricks of Cryptomining Malware Authors

It is well known that new crypto coins appear via mining. Mining is a complex process of computation that relies on GPU or CPU power. More and more often, this procedure is done in an unethical way. Criminals have created sneaky methods to parasitize servers, and computers of other people to surreptitiously generate new coins. The boom of rogue cryptomining (sometimes also called cryptojacking) at the cost of unsuspecting computer users co-occurred with the increase of Bitcoin price that skyrocketed in 2017. Although the dramatic price decrease in late 2018 caused many of these rogue mining campaigns to an...

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4 Reasons Why a VPN is Important When Traveling Overseas

If you regularly travel overseas for business, you probably have a travel bag with all of your essentials ready to go. Your business attire, dopp kit, portable chargers, your passport. But there’s one more thing that you might not have thought about that’s essential to your travel plans that may not be on your packing list just yet—a VPN. For the uninitiated, a VPN (or virtual private network) is a type of cyber security software that allows users to transmit data to and from their computer using a private network. A VPN works using a remote server to send...

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How to Protect Yourself in the Network and Get The Benefit

If you do not know why you need a VPN or think that only advanced hackers and programmers use it, then you should read this article. Virtual private networks have evolved from obscure entertainment for geeks to a popular tool for secure access to the Internet and encryption of transmitted data. We suggest you read the article to discover the possibilities of VPN services, which you might not have suspected. What is a VPN? A virtual private network is over the existing Internet. It creates encrypted tunnels between users’ computers and servers. Simply put, it hides your identity and true...

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New Technologies: How To Protect Yourself Online

In the digital world, online protection becomes a more and more relevant issue with each passing day. Mobile devices track where we go, what we say, who we talk to and when we play games instead of working. Our computers track and record this information day after day. Who is willing to get this information? First of all, marketing specialists, insurance companies and employers who would like to know something you’d like to hide. At the same time, the number of young and technically literate professionals who use technology in all areas of their lives is growing. Such employees...

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Converting Video Formats Without Compromising On Quality

There are many media formats out there and every file has its own requirements. What works for one file may not work for another. As a result, a new market has opened up on the interwebs. The online world is rife with instructional videos that can teach you how to convert avchd to mp4, or mp4 to avi, or avi to flv and so and so forth. There are even online/offline tools that do it free of cost. Most of these tools are easy to work with and conversions can be made with a few clicks. Hundreds of online...

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