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US Government using IPv6

Introduction June 30, 2008 is the deadline set by the US Government’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for federal agencies to be up and running with IPv6. In order to have a smooth transition to v6, these agencies ought to have in place their inventories of the related hardware and software requirements and also have formulated a definitive game plan for implementation, not the least important of which is the procurement of products and services. What seems to be making the process a bit slow is that a clear picture is yet to emerge as to the entire...

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Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND)

Overview Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) is defined in RFCs 2461[7] and 2462[8]. It has specific functions like Neighbor Discovery (ND), Address Auto-configuration, Router Discovery (RD), Neighbor Un-reachability Detection (NUD), Address Resolution, Duplicate Address Detection (DAD), Redirection etc. The NDP message format is given below. Cryptographic Generated Addresses (CGA) In basic CGA, 62 bits are used to store cryptographic hash of a public key. host ID = HASH62(public_key) By embedding security parameter, “sec” in the two rightmost bits of 128-bit Ipv6 address, the hash length can be increased to gain strong security. In this case, the CGA will have the...

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Top 10 Features that make IPv6 Better than IPv4

IPv4 vs IPv6 Introduction It has now been close to 30 years since the current Internet Protocol Version 4 – IPv4 – was implemented as the underlying protocol for the Internet. While it has served its purpose admirably for all these years, with an ever expanding user base and a growing number of IP-enabled devices, there are serious concerns about it’s limited feature set as well as robustness not to mention the all important factor, scalability. The Internet Protocol Version – IPv6 – is being developed as a critical technology meant to address all those concerns. It is expected...

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IPv6 & The Military

Introduction IPv4 has been a military standard ever since the Internet first came into use in 1978, with substantial and sustained funding by the US Department of Defence (DOD) into IPv4 related technologies. However, with the address space depletion becoming a matter of imminent concern, the transition to an IPv6 driven Internet has been engaging the serious attention of the DOD in recent years. Migration to IPv6 is likely to have a far-reaching impact for Internet users in general and for the DOD in particular. IPv6 Key Reasons for IPv6 implementation The major benefits to be derived from IPv6 are...

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IP Network Infrastructure

Overview The term network refers to any interconnected group or system designed specifically for sharing information among them. The basic goal of network infrastructure was to provide connectivity and it acted as a bridge between a communications medium and the applications that are built upon this medium. Most of the IT industry is based on network infrastructure without which almost all communications in the world would come to an end. The network infrastructure allowed the rapid development of many computer technologies related to connectivity and created a marketplace for new concepts. It is based on the standard reference model...

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