If you do not know why you need a VPN or think that only advanced hackers and programmers use it, then you should read this article. Virtual private networks have evolved from obscure entertainment for geeks to a popular tool for secure access to the Internet and encryption of transmitted data. We suggest you read the article to discover the possibilities of VPN services, which you might not have suspected.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network is over the existing Internet. It creates encrypted tunnels between users’ computers and servers. Simply put, it hides your identity and true location, masking your IP address, and protects the data transmitted and received by you. It makes accessible some websites, online stores, and services that are closed in your country.

And it works not on any specific browsers or applications, but in general on the entire device, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The benefits of using a VPN go beyond simple privacy. Below are many different situations when you may need it.


Who and Why Needs a VPN

A virtual private network may be useful in the following cases:

  • Business. Most often, a VPN is used in private and public structures, banks, and small businesses. This is a way for companies to provide their employees with access to resources without the fear of information leakage.
  • Remote work. A VPN can increase productivity by allowing employees to access work information outside the office. These can be emails, documents stored on the company’s server, and any programs that the company wants to provide remote access to.
  • Webmasters and SEO specialists. Webmasters use VPN to analyze and check local search results. It helps to see how advertisements broadcast will look on the site to audiences of certain regions. Moreover, it is also possible to check how geo-targeting works in promotion campaigns that are running in ad networks.
  • Simple users like travelers, shopping and movie lovers, and everyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet. Read about benefits for regular users below.


How to Save Using a VPN

You can purchase goods, rent housing, and book tickets at a lower cost. Many airlines, travel sites, and car rental agencies collect potential customer data using cookies and a geo-location. Then they adapt to their customers and put high prices.

How It Works

If you are tracking the price of a particular flight, you may notice that with each repeated visit to the site, the price rises, or the number of tickets for the flight rapidly decreases. And you, fearing further price increases or the lack of tickets, buy them at the highest price. Another option is that users from different countries are shown different prices for the same services.

The same thing happens when searching for hotels or when booking a rental car abroad. Also, the technology of large online retailers easily determines your location, browser, operating system, and smartphone model from which you access the site or application. This information may be used to sell you some services at a higher price.