#9) IPv6 offers ease of administration over IPv4

When an existing network is to be expanded or two networks to be merged, or when service providers are changed, a network needs to be renumbered, as a new address scheme will be assigned to it.

 ipv6 administration diagram

Challenge to IPv4internet router

With an IPv4 network, all the work of network renumbering and assigning of new address schemes would have had to be done manually.


How does IPv6 provide a solution?

IPv6 provides capabilities so that network renumbering can happen automatically. Thus, network renumbering with IPv6 will no longer requires manual reconfiguration of each host and router and makes for smoother switchovers or mergers.

Another useful administrative feature of IPv6 is its multihoming technique. In this simultaneous connections are established to two ISPS. When service to one ISP is lost, there is a back-up connection to the Internet. This ensures far greater reliability of services, as there is more than one path from the host to the destination.

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