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As military, corporate and the North American public start to transition towards IPv6, the main missing ingredients seem to be the applications and tools needed to use this new Internet. This article visits the trends gearing up the production of such needed requirements before widespread adoption. From Microsoft Vista’s default IPv6 settings, to security in a shared-resource world, there is still a great deal of development that needs to be done before the IPv6 evangelists can start celebrating.

Nokia – Ipv6 Enabled Mobile Ipv6 Wireless Terminal

Using RFID and IPv6, Nokia and NTT Communications in Japan have developed a seamless authentication scheme for multiple wireless uses in the home, office and classroom. These wireless terminals present a basic, but promising, aspect of IPv6 in the fact that using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) allows multiple users to authenticate, access and work with various data sets based on their user status, anywhere the IPv6 network is connected.

CENELEC & IPv6 Forum Forge a Liaison design Smart House & Home Networking with IPv6

This “Code of Practice” will be aimed at delivering recommendations for the best practice in equipping, communicating with, and providing services to the “SmartHouse” of the future. It will not in itself be a new standard but will be designed so that it makes recommendations and reference to the specifications, standards, protocols and methodologies that should be used in order to build and equip the newest SmartHomes in the UK and Europe (and eventually your country).

Current Status of IPv6 Support for Networking Applications

This provides information about the IPv6 support of many networking applications, mostly based in the Linux / BSD realm. Take a look into the standard protocols and services currently available for IPv6 enabled systems. Although the interest in pure IPv6 applications remains strong, the support of ISPs still seems to be non-existent. If only the backbone providers and ISPs would wake up and start supporting this important new Internet, could the real work get started and the ongoing Ipv4 inadequacies begin to fade.

Current Ipv6 Application List

Probably the largest known database of IPv6 enabled technologies, this IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) sponsored website seems to house a plethora of IPv6 compliant devices along with the RFCs that enable them to work in compliance with established standards. If you are developing, or have developed an IPv6 device, this is the place to post it for the world to search. Take a few minutes and check out the great work the IETF IPv6 Working Group has put together – Kudos!