China reaps big fruits for future Internet

China has successfully built its next generation Internet with Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), replacing Internet Protocol Version 4(IPv4), to become the world leader in this field. China’s next generation Internet, or CNGI, has proposed a new search system structure and developed a special method for the transition between the two Internet generations. It has present seven draft standards to the International Internet Organization.

China’s lead in tech

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) – “The U.S. is a few years behind the rest of the world,” says Tom Patterson. It’s the kind of statement I’ve grown weary of, yet here it is again, referring this time not to broadband penetration or cellphone sophistication, but to progress on implementing the next-generation Internet.

China Surpases U.S. In Internet Use

New York – Chinese Internet users spend nearly two billion hours online each week, while the U.S. audience logs on for 129 million hours per week.