Projected IANA Unallocated Address Pool Exhaustion: 13-Apr-2010

The question being posed is: “What is the anticipated date when the current policy regime concerning the distribution of IPv4 address is no longer relevant?” Or, in other words, we are looking for some indicators as to the time when our current policies for IPv4 address distribution are expected to run out because the unallocated address pool on which these policies are based is exhausted.

IPv6 Ready or Not

We’re doing [both IPv4 and the next-generation IPv6 networks], and we anticipate doing both for a number of years,” said Fred Wettling, a Bechtel Fellow who manages technology standards and is sponsoring the enterprise IPv6 challenge within Bechtel. “This creates a challenge from the security standpoint of making sure the security mechanisms will do tracking [and] protection on both v4 and v6 concurrently.”

Ipv6 Portal

Portal dedicated to IPv6 Deployment. Links, News and Information about IPv6.

Charles E. Perkins – Research & development Ipv6

I’m working on projects involving Mobile-IP, Ad-Hoc Networking, IPv6, and AAA protocols. I’ve also worked on projects involving miniaturization of operating systems, parallel processing, and lots of Unix systems administration. Unix systems have always been great at networking, so I learned a lot about the Internet (and people!) by administering communities of technical professionals using networked computers.

Canarie Upcoming Events

CANARIE Inc., based in Ottawa, is Canada’s advanced network organization. It facilitates the development and use of its network as well as the advanced products, applications and services that run on it. The CANARIE Network serves universities, colleges, schools, government labs, research institutes, hospitals and other organizations in a wide variety of fields in both the public and private sectors.

BGP Experts

This page provides an overview of the number of IP addresses used in every country of the world. The numbers are generated from information published by the Regional Internet Registries (AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE NCC) published on their FTP servers. This information is retrieved at least once a week.

6NET was a three-and-a-half year European project to demonstrate that continued growth of the Internet can be met using new IPv6 technology. The project built a native IPv6-based network connecting sixteen countries in order to gain experience of IPv6 deployment and migration from existing IPv4-based networks.

Network General – IPv6 Network Performance Monitoring Software

The volume of traffic traversing corporate and public networks is growing rapidly, and so too is the number of mission-critical applications. For global corporations, government agencies, and communications service providers, assuring network and application services becomes more complex every day. Inc. Inc. (OTC: IMEN), and its wholly-owned subsidiary, IPv6 Summit Inc., is the first public company to focus exclusively on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), also known as the New Internet. organizes world-class conferences and offers training and consulting related to IPv6 for government and commercial customers, especially IT and wireless departments.

Netcordia Network Management

What is the #1 cause of network problems? It’s people making changes. We have helped organizations meet business requirements by simplifying the challenges of managing change and configurations. Our solutions plug right in to your existing environment and automatically inform you of network issues 24/7.